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2013 ~ What to Expect!

Hi Cavegirl Peeps!

2012 has been such a wonderful year for me.  Cavegirl Cuisine was established on March 6 of this year and I haven’t turned back.   The support of the community has been overwhelming.  Thank you to all of my new friends.

I am currently in the process of an exciting new venture of putting together a cookbook for 2013.  With this, I will be making 20 new recipes to add to my book.  I decided to create new recipes instead of pulling old ones that have already been posted as this didn’t seem fair.  But, with this, I need to “buy” some time and not lose momentum.

So, as many of you know from Facebook discussions, this is what I’ve decided.  January is always re-set time for diets and lifestyles and most everything else.  So, I am going to do a  “Back to the Basics/5-Ingredients or Less” recipe a day for the 31 days in January.  This will not only give me time to cook on the back-burner for the book, but will still provide recipes for us to get back on track.

I look forward to enjoying a lot of clean, organic, locally-sourced meals with everyone in 2013!


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