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Looking for a cookbook that will inspire you to get creative and start cooking delicious recipes your body will thank you for? Look no further.

My Cookbooks

The Everything Air Fryer Cookbook

The Everything Air Fryer Cookbook teaches you all you need to know about this hot new appliance, proving that fryers can be used for so much more than French fries and onion rings.
With more than 300 quick and tasty recipes—including vegetarian and vegan options, as well as classic favorites like fried pickles and jalapeño poppers—there’s an air fried meal for every taste, diet, and mood.

The "I Love My Air Fryer" Gluten-Free Recipe Book

Featuring 175 gluten-free recipes—with photographs included throughout—this cookbook is a must-have for air fryer fans with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or those who simply enjoy a gluten-free diet to improve their overall health! Learn how to make satisfying, whole-food dishes for every meal from breakfast to dinner, appetizers, to side dishes and desserts—plus great snacks.

The "I Love My Instant Pot®" Gluten-Free Recipe Book

You’ll learn how to make satisfying, whole-food dishes for every meal from breakfast to dinner, snacks to desserts. You’ll also find an easy-to-understand overview of the Instant Pot including what all those buttons on your Instant Pot® do, how to release the pressure from the Instant Pot® when your cooking time is up, how to keep your Instant Pot clean, and more. The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Gluten-Free Recipe Book is perfect for instant pot fans who follow a gluten-free diet or anyone who wants fast, delicious meals the whole family will love.

The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Recipe Book

A disclaimer: The "I Love My Instant Pot®" Recipe Book is only about 25% paleo/gluten free. I was approached to write a book for “everyone,” and of course - I negotiated for a portion of the book to be paleo. If you’re 100% paleo, this isn’t your best cookbook choice. However, if you’re paleo on the weekdays but not the weekends, or maybe you’re just starting to dip your toes into the paleo pool, this may just be the perfect blend of recipes for you. By the way - on some of the recipes, although they may not be classified as “paleo” in the recipe header, I give substitution suggestions just in case you’re interested in keeping the meal paleo-friendly.

The "I Love My Instant Pot®" PALEO Recipe Book

With 175 paleo recipes and multiple photographs throughout, this cookbook is a must-have for Instant Pot® fans who follow the Paleo diet and want fast, healthy, and delicious meals the whole family can enjoy.

The "I Love My Instant Pot" 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

175 must-have 5-ingredient recipes perfect for anyone looking to save time and effort—all while using your favorite appliance the Instant Pot.
Now using the Instant Pot is easier and more convenient than ever with these 175 delicious, simple, and straightforward recipes using just five ingredients or less. Perfect for people on the go, this cookbook will help you make mouthwatering dishes for every meal of the day that the whole family will love.
Using ingredients that you probably already have on hand, The “I Love My Instant Pot” 5-Ingredient Cookbook features fast and affordable recipes that don’t require a lot of prep or shopping. And best of all, they’re satisfying, flavorful recipes you will want to make over and over again!

The "I Love My Air Fryer" Low-Carb Recipe Book

175 low-carb recipes for satisfying, whole-food dishes for every meal from breakfast to dinner to snacks in between, perfect for fans of the air fryer who follow any of the low-carb diets!
Discover how easy and delicious it is to follow a low-carb diet—from Atkins to keto—thanks to an air fryer.

Ladle: Paleo and Gluten-Free Comfort Soups

Ladle contains 50 fresh soups laid out in a beautifully full-color photographed cookbook. From simple creamy soups that can be made in 30 minutes to a variety of soups, stews, chowders and chilis, it’s got something for everyone. Ladle is for you if you follow a paleo/gluten-free diet, are dairy intolerant, enjoy meals made from fresh ingredients, or just love delicious soups made from natural ingredients!

Paleo Green Smoothies

Enjoy the quick burst of energy that comes with delicious green smoothies - without any of the gluten, dairy, or refined sugar! Paleo Green Smoothies shows you how to create 150 green smoothie recipes that are specifically designed to complement the paleo lifestyle. Whether you're interested in adding more greens into your diet or just need an extra boost of energy after an intense workout, these recipes have got you covered. Featuring step-by-step instructions and nutritional data, each page teaches you how to blend up a variety of paleo green smoothies.

The Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook

You're committed to the paleo lifestyle, but does that mean that you need to spend extra time creating special meals every night? Not with The Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook! Here, you'll find 300 flavorful, whole-food recipes for meals that will not only satisfy the entire family, but also fit into a busy schedule.