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Tomato-Dill Butter

Tomato-Dill Butter

This is so easy to make and gives so much flavor!  I didn’t have fresh dill in my fridge, so I used dried; however, this would be great with fresh herbs (of your choosing).  This butter would be great to finish off cooked fish, chicken, veggies or a grilled steak.

1 stick butter (organic & unsalted), softened
1 cup mini tomatoes (I used cherubs)
1T dill
1 tsp sea salt
2 cloves of garlic

Place tomatoes and garlic in a baking dish.  Broil until the tomato skins start to sweat and blister.  Remove from oven and let cool.

In a food processor, blend all of the ingredients. 

Place in a small bowls so that you can use when needed (an ice-cube tray would be perfect for individual butter cubes).

Place on cooked protein or veggies of choice.



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