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Prep Day!

Prep Day!

Back to Basics

Most of us are very busy ~ I think it is just the sign of the times.  Fast food and take-out have unfortunately become the “norm” of our daily eating habits as a culture.  But it doesn’t have to.  You can be in charge of your own eating destiny.

Pick a day of the week to prep.  I use Sunday to get everything in order for my upcoming week.

In this picture I have:
– shredded carrots
cooked a chicken and diced half of the meat (we eat the other half as the main protein in our meals)
ground almond flour
– diced onions
– seeded a pomegranate
made broth from my whole chicken bones
– hard-boiled eggs

This is just a start…depending on the season or your taste buds, prep what you use often in your dishes.

There are some mornings where I just want to still be in bed. I will just scramble an egg because I don’t want to go through the “trouble” of chopping veggies to add. However, if I already have my peppers, onions, mushrooms and chicken cubes pre-chopped, I can whip up a very well-rounded scramble in no time.

Hard-boiled eggs are great on-the-go snacks…or sliced and eaten with my lunch.

My girls adore pomegranate seeds as is…my husband and I enjoy them on our salads.

This prep work can also assist in a quick soup, salad, side or whatever you can imagine!

Chop a variety of cabbages for different slaws…make a different soup a week with your broth (freeze it in portioned sizes)…have celery already diced to throw on salads or into a can of tuna…use your imagination!  Have things prepared!


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