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Chicken and a Sweet Potato (how will you season and cook it?)

Chicken and a Sweet Potato (how will you season and cook it?)

Meal 3 of 31:  Back to Basics

Time and time again, I’ve heard people talk about getting bored with simple food.  With a world of spices out there and the many different cooking methods, a simple meal like chicken and a sweet potato can take you around the world!

Obviously there are more foods to choose from, but I just wanted to make my point that the same two ingredients could be transformed into different meals with slight preparation variations.  Just have fun with it and maybe grab a spice in your spice rack that you’ve never used before!

Idea #1:  Cook the chicken in a crock-pot with chicken broth and simply steam the sweet potato.

Idea  #2:  Grill the chicken (either on a grill or a grilling pan) with Dijon mustard brushed on it and a fresh squeeze of lemon.  Steam a sweet potato and sprinkle cinnamon on top of it (it brings out the natural sweetness).

Idea  #3:  Bake the chicken with Mexican spices (cumin, cayenne, etc).  Cut sweet potato into fries, season with salt, pepper and a drizzle of avocado oil and bake.

Idea  #4:  Roast an entire chicken and make homemade broth afterwards.  Then make a sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup!

Idea  #5:  Pound out a chicken breast until flat and put some veggies or a slice of prosciutto on the chicken.  Roll up and bake, seam side down.  Twice back your sweet potato adding a little butter and fresh herbs.