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Cavegirl Cuisine Cookbook

Cavegirl Scene
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“Michelle has created a delightfully well-rounded cookbook that will help anyone new to paleo cooking feel right at home. There’s a reason Cavegirl Cuisine is as popular as it is, people actually make the recipes.” ~Jason Crouch,

“Huge fan of Michelle’s new cookbook.  It’s filled with simple and delicious paleo recipes that anyone can make at home.  If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, Cavegirl Cuisine is a must have cookbook for recipe ideas to help keep you on track.” ~Steve Liberati, Founder of Steve’s PaleoGoods and Steve’s Club National Program

“If you think paleo meals are boring plates of meat and vegetables or have overly complicated reicpes with long lists of ingredients that require hours in the kitchen, then Cavegirl Cuisine will make you think again. Michelle’s recipes are clear and concise while the end results are sol delicious, you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t eat this way all the time!” ~Patty Strilaeff,

“Take your taste buds to new places! Every modern cavegirl needs a copy of Cavegirl Cuisine in her kitchen.  This is not just another cookbook.  Michelle will inspire you with her passion and creativity.” ~Joanne,

Indie or Local Bookstores:  Ask you local store to order the cookbook using this:  ISBN-10: 0982548087

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