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Happy Blogiversary Giveaway!!


The WINNERS are:
Vitamix:  F. Campos
Simply Paleo Consultation:  L. DeCosta
Fast Paleo eCookbook collection:  J. Iler
The New Primal Jerky Sampler:  A. Nemitz
2lb Kettlebell Mug by 2POOD:  E. Garthoff
Pink Peppermill by Hot Off the Lathe:  H. Nordhagen
CrossFit Necklace by LoveBranded:  A. Cannon

Happy One-Year Blogiversary Cavegirl Cuisine!!  One year ago today, I embarked on a crazy journey to make and post paleo recipes.  It was just that simple.  In just a year, I have “met” so many great people, learned from so many diverse points of view and had a blast all the while.  This giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for this past year.

Please take note of the many WONDERFUL sponsors that have also contributed.  Below the picture is the description of the items shown.


See at the bottom of the post at the insert detailing the many ways to enter the contest (by!  There will SEVEN different randomly-chosen winners announced on March 15, 2013 at 2 pm EST.  GOOD LUCK!


A.  Vitamix 5200 Standard ~ choose from 5 different colors. ($449 value)
B.  2POOD‘s 2-pound kettlebell coffee mug:  this mug was designed with a master-potter to commission the only mug on the market that is shaped like a real kettlebell!!  Holds approx. 8 oz of coffee, tea, kill cliff or whatever you like to sip on. ($20 value; however, 500 people are on the waiting list to get one!)
C.‘s Top 100 of 2012 ecookbook (the top 100 paleo and primal recipes shared with FastPaleo in 2012).  In addition, you will receive 4 mini ecookbooks.  ($40 value)
D.  The New Primal:  The New Primal trail packs are their signature treat, made of the highest quality grass-fed beef jerky, raw nuts, and dried fruit.  ($28 value)
E.  LoveBranded:  Crossfit Necklace:  A 1/2″ silver-filled flower is stamped with “CROSSFIT” and rests on 3/4″ Sterling sSilver disc handstamped with the words “live/love/lift”.   A freshwater pearl drop adds a feminine touch.  ($49 value)
F.  Simply Paleo:  Receive a 1-hour personal Paleo consultation from Simply Paleo.  Lauren will help you with meal planning, grocery lists, getting past your Paleo hang ups and much more! ($59 value)
G.  Hot Off the Lathe:  One of a kind handcrafted PINK peppermill, made from laminated and dyed birch wood. Sanded through eight grits and finished for durability. Stainless steel grinder mechanism that is designed to last.  Measures approximately 4″ by 2″. ($35 value)

ENTER BELOW (US residents only ~ must be 18 years old…click link below for a complete set of terms and conditions):

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Thank you and Happy Eating!
“Cavegirl Cuisine”

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