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Father-in-Law Steak

Father-in-Law Steak

Right after all the kids went off to college, my in-laws decided to pack up everything and head to Alaska.  While up there one day, with 20 degrees below freezing weather and standing around the grill with a friend, my father-in-law learned this special way of seasoning his steaks and has been doing it ever since.  Also, when choosing the right steak, poke the meat until you find the one that feels like a boobie (yep, that’s what he said!).  Below are his steps to the perfect steak.


Steak of your choice (he prefers rib-eyes)
Fresh ground pepper
Lawry’s seasoning salt
Garlic salt
Meat tenderizer
Accent flavor enhancer

Pre-heat grill.

My father-in-law trims any fat from the perimeter of the steaks first to eliminate it dripping in his grill.

Sprinkle equal parts of the above seasonings on each side of the steak, except only one side has the garlic salt.

Cook two minutes per side over and over until desired doneness is reached. He uses a timer with this and warns not to just guess at it. Also, do not pierce the steak with a fork. (I unfortunately have to use a meat thermometer because I can’t just feel and tell).

Let rest for 5 minutes.