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Calling all Bulletproof Coffee Fans ~ Coffee Blocks

coffee-blocksUPDATE: Since this post, Coffee Blocks has updated their product to a shelf-stable product! Please click HERE to read about their incredibly tasty better butter coffee!!




Calling all coffee fans…er, um, especially my bulletproof coffee fans!

Check this out! When I was first contacted by Coffee Blocks, I was like, well, I’m not really a coffee fan. But, then I read more about them and thought about it. I may not be a coffee person, but both of my daughters are and so is a huge sector of my Cavegirl peeps. Now, on a side note, coffee ice cream is actually one of my favorites (makes no sense why I like coffee ice and not coffee ~ I know!)…I think I may let this cool down one day and give it a try in some paleo mocha ice cream!!

Coffee Blocks are a great way to get healthy fats in the morning and an easy way to eliminate the need for sugar. It is perfect for the on-the-go mom, dad, college student, professional…um, just about all of us!

I made the Coffee Blocks for my daughters and they both loved it. My oldest drank it straight and was happy. I had to sneak a little coconut sugar in my 11-year old’s cup, but she was a go! You DO NOT need a K-cup machine to work these coffee pods. I mistakenly used mine with the first cup…and it was wonderful, btw!), but you are actually supposed to open the pod and add boiling water to the coffee block directly in your cup.

Here is an article from RebootedBody about Bulletproof Coffee.


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