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Wanted: Recipe Testers

Hi Cavegirl Peeps!!

I am nearing the final steps of my first cookbook, published by Sunny Day Publishing, LLC.  I am super-excited, nervous, giddy…yes, all of those emotions and more!  🙂

My cookbook will be a round-up of my last year of blogging, including 25+ new recipes, neatly presented in a pretty hard-bound touchable cookbook!  Not only will these new recipes be spotlighted; but some of the already blog-published recipes will receive face lifts from comments I’ve received and things I’ve learned along the way.

Your suggestions have always been instrumental in Cavegirl Cuisine’s growth (and, yep, sometimes ingredient amount typos!).  So, with this, I’d like to ask for your recipe testing service!  In exchange, I will have a section of my cookbook dedicated to my recipe testers spotlighting each and every one of your names!  🙂

Some of the new recipes include:
– Eggplant and Prosciutto Rollatini
– Gyro Salad
– Tangerine Chicken
– Cauliflower and Pear Soup
– No-Tella Cookies
– Jamocha Popsicles
– BBQ Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps


To keep all of the recipes top-secret, I will need you to sign a non-disclosure report if you choose to test for Cavegirl Cuisine.  If you would like to be a tester, please comment below with your email address or contact me at

I am interested in some of you not only testing the new recipes, but some of the updated older ones as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
“Cavegirl Cuisine”

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